Find your dream home

Live in everything from old town houses and architect-designed detached houses to properties in scenic surroundings and attractive rental properties.

Find attractive building plots for your dream home

In Varde Municipality, you will find a wide selection of building plots for sale, where you can have all your wishes fulfilled for your future home.

Create an idyllic life in the country

Do you and your family need space to unfold your everyday life? Then take a look at the rural surroundings in Varde Municipality and experience the strong local unity.

Find available apartments

You can find rental housing through the public housing associations and private housing companies that rent out housing in Varde Municipality:


Do you already have a job in Varde Municipality?

Get to a rental property faster with our commuter scheme.

25 percent of the vacant homes at selected housing organizations are prioritized for you, who have a workplace in the municipality, but live outside the municipal border.


Try public transport for free for two months

When you pack everything and move to a completely different place, there is a lot of new things to experience. Sydtrafik would like to make it easy for you to get out and experience it all.

As a newcomer to Varde Municipality, you can therefore now get a free travel card, where you have free travel on Sydtrafik's buses/public transport in the entire Sydtrafik area incl. GoCollective trains in Tønder, Esbjerg, and Varde Municipality for two months.


  • The card is valid for all Sydtrafik buses in the entire Sydtrafik area incl. GoColletive trains in Tønder, Esbjerg, and Varde Municipality
  • The card is valid for 2 months, after which you have to buy a Rejsekort or a commuter card yourself
  • The card can be used by all members of the household
  • The card allows free travel for one adult at a time, who can bring 2 children under 12 years of age free of charge
  • The card must be ordered no later than 3 months after moving to Varde Municipality