Healthcare as newcomer to Denmark

The West Coast is home to both local clinics and hospitals, where medical professionals provide comprehensive care.

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When you move to Denmark as a foreigner and obtain a residence permit, you will receive a Danish health insurance card. With it, you have access to the Danish healthcare system.

The public healthcare system in Denmark is free, and you do not pay for treatment from your doctor or at the hospital.

However, there are some healthcare expenses which are not free, regardless of whether you are a Danish citizen or not. These include dental visits, medicine, and glasses.

In Varde Municipality you can book an appointment at the Citizen Service in Varde to register your permanent address in Denmark and get a CPR-number, a yellow health insurance card, a tax card, MitID, and Digital Post on E-boks.

Need help?

Our newcomer service team, Nadia and Christine, are always happy to help you. Do not hesitate to contact us and we will get in touch by phone or set up a virtual or physical meeting.